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Hook Lift Truck-Recycle Commercial and Industrial - E&E Waste

A Day in the Life

A typical recycling day starts when the E&E truck leaves the depot at 6 am.

The driver will proceed along his designated route, laid out by the onboard computer system, ensuring no bins are missed. The truck can fit around 350 Wheelie-bins worth of recycling before returning to base.

Once at the E&E depot, the load is emptied into a large bunker so that any potential contamination not caught by the onboard cameras, can be removed.

Then all of the recyclable waste is loaded into hook-lift bins ready for transportation to a Material Handling Facility in Narrabri, NSW.

Supporting Community Services Through Recycling

Narrabri NSW is the home of Challenge Community Services Recycling Facility. They have been operating since 1992 and employ 33 people with a disability, and four vocational educators.

They believe people with a disability are entitled to fair pay for a fair day’s work.

Challenge process over 10,000 tonnes of recyclable materials. Once sorted and compacted into cubes, the materials are sent to specialised recycling companies like Amcor, Visy, and Impact Recycling for conversion into new products…

All within a few days of your Wheelie Bin pick up.

Challenge process and recycle:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Drink Containers
  • Food Containers
  • Range of Plastics
  • Steel and other metals
Community Services

Toowoomba Company Completes the Cycle

All of the paper, including newsprint collected in our “Paper Only”, is sent to Fibre Cycle in Toowoomba.

FibreCycle’s innovative litter and bedding products are created from >99% recycled paper and processed into biodegradable, environmentally safe, pelletted paper products, with no additives or chemicals. The end product is virtually clean, odourless, dust-free, and sterile at the point of manufacture.

The company originally collected and processed paper and cardboard for paper mills, when it developed the technology to convert old newspapers into absorbency products for domestic and industrial use.

Technology and process
The original technology and process were refined to create a uniquely formulated pelleted litter which is made from >99% recycled paper, with no additives or chemicals, and which exceeds the properties of traditional products.

Product launches have demonstrated an overwhelming acceptance of this recycled paper product.

This support from pet owners, breeders, veterinarians, pet shops, and supermarket chains, has seen FibreCycle evolve from a local Australian business to worldwide success.

Products include Breeders Choice cat litter, BreederCelect cat litter, Back-2-Nature small animal bedding, and litter.

breeders choice recycled cat litter
breedercelect recycled paper cat litter
back to nature small animal litter

Get in Touch

If you have any questions relating to Recycling, please get in touch with Goondiwindi Regional Council on 07 4671 7400 or call the friendly staff here at E&E Waste on 07 4671 2403.


You can find all you need to know about Recycling Bin requirements here…

Or refer to the info pack that came with your Yellow-top Recycling Bin or simply visit to learn more about recycling.


  • I got a "Non-Compliance" sticker on my bin, what does it mean?

    If you have a Non Compliance Sticker on you bin, it means that you may have an issue with your bin or what was put in it. For details go to: Non Compliance Notices

  • What to do if my bin is lost, stolen or broken?

    You can report a lost, stolen or broken bin to Goondiwindi Regional Council.

    Talk to a Customer Service Representative on 07 4671 7400.

  • Will my bin be collected on public holidays?

    Currently E&E Waste collects on all public holidays as per the normal collection days.  Any future changes to this arrangement will be advertised. If you are still unsure when your bin will be collected please call us on 07 4671 2403.

  • Does everyone in the region have kerbside recycling collection?

    Every resident that currently has the general waste kerbside collection service will also automatically receive the kerbside recycling service.

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