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Project-based Recycling Service

We have a team of workers at the Oakey Solar Farm, keeping the worksite clean and tidy. Now, that may not seem like a significant statement, but if you consider that every single component that is installed at a Solar Power Plant is packed in plastic, foam, plastic binding and finally a box!… Multiply this by the number of panels you can see in this photo and again, since every panel has multiple components, you begin to understand the enormity of the undertaking.

In this type of project, our team are integral to a tidy and safe working environment on site, making for a highly efficient installation process, saving time money and probably injuries.

Recyclable Materials
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The Rest of This Text is Not Relevant

If your bin is NOT placed correctly, then it could mean collection will not occur. See helpful tips below for the correct placement.

  • Place bins out before 6am on collection day
  • Bins should be placed 1 metre from road kerb and 50cm from other bins.
  • If there is no kerb, place in a safe position one metre from the edge of the bitumen / gravel.
  • Handles should face the property
  • Bins should be placed clear of cars, trees, poles, foothpaths and driveways
  • Lids must be fully closed. If not, it may not be collected.
  • Maximum bin weight is 70kg (Exceeding this may damage lifting arm)

Bin Etiquette for General Waste

Here are a few helpful tips that will go a long way towards ensuring timely and efficient service:

• Do not place hot items in bin – such as stove ash or cooking oil
• Please bag loose items – such as grass, dust, powder, etc
• Broken glass – please wrap securely in newspaper
• No vehicle batteries please – contents are corrosive

Do NOT place the following items in your bin, these should be transported directly to your nearest landfill:

• Building materials – such as bricks, rocks, soil or concrete
• Liquids – paints, motor oil or solvents
• Hazardous waste – toxic or corrosive substances
• Medical waste – such as loose syringes and sharps
• Vehicle parts or engine parts (*excluding tyres see below for more information)
• Large metal objects

* Tyres are not accepted in kerbside collection, nor at any landfill site in the Goondiwindi region.  Contact your local tyre service centre for local options for disposing of tyres.


  • What do I do if my bin doesn’t get collected?

    If your bin is placed out prior to 6 am on collection day and is missed, check if there is a Non-compliance Sticker on the lid with indication of why your bin was not collected. If there is no sticker, please leave the bin out and call us on 07 4671 2403.

  • What to do if my bin is lost, stolen or broken?

    You can report a lost, stolen or broken bin to Goondiwindi Regional Council. Talk to a Customer Service Representative on 07 4671 7400 or go online: Report a Lost Bin

  • Will my bin be collected on public holidays?

    Currently E&E Waste collects on all public holidays as per the normal collection days.  Any future changes to this arrangement will be advertised. If you are still unsure when your bin will be collected please call us on 07 4671 2403.

  • I got a "Non-Compliance" sticker on my bin, what does it mean?

    If you have a Non Compliance Sticker on you bin, it means that you may have an issue with your bin or what was put in it. For details go to: Non Compliance Notices

  • Does everyone in the region have kerbside recycling collection?

    Every resident that currently has the general waste kerbside collection service will also automatically receive the kerbside recycling service.

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