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Have You Received a Notice?

We are well aware that recycling is new to most GRC residents, so here at E&E Waste, we’re not expecting everyone to get it right straight away.

Along with the info packs that came with your Yellow-top Wheelie Bin, we have conceived a Notification System that will help everyone to work together to make our recycling and general waste systems work.

There are two components of the Notification System.

1   Bin-lid Non-compliance Stickers which let residents know why their bin wasn’t emptied and

2   Non-compliance Notices are sent in the post, where a resident continues to overlook the recycling requirements.

So, please don’t worry if you get a sticker, it’s there to let you know where you might have overlooked something and how to fix it. Notice there are two types of stickers – One for Recycling and one for General Waste.

If you believe a notice to be in error, please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know.

Why did I get a Notice?

You will get a sticker on your bin when one of the following situations occur:

   There are Non-Recyclable items in your Recycling Bin*

✖   Your bin is not placed correctly and therefore not accessible by the truck

✖   Your bin is overfilled (the lid must be closed)

✖   Your bin is too heavy (that is, the contents where over 75kg)

✖   Your bin contains a hazardous substance (such as oil or chemicals)

✖   There were too many bins presented (only place out the bin registered to your address)

✖   Other non-specific reason (in this case you would contact E&E Waste)

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E & E Waste View of Hopper

Technology Helps

The new E&E Waste wheelie-bin trucks are installed with an onboard management system that includes cameras and GPS tracking, bringing recycling and waste management into the 21st century.

Each truck is now fitted with cameras for a wide-angled view of the hopper (where contents of the bin are tipped), kerbside, and rear of the truck. The driver can select any camera view on the touch-screen, in either photographic or video format.

When the driver arrives at a residence that has no bin out, or the bin is overfilled, at the press of a button, an “incident” is recorded simultaneously by all relevant cameras.

The “Incident Report” containing these images is instantaneously uploaded and linked to that address, removing any misunderstandings or mistakes (like your bin being mistaken for a neighbour’s bin).

This state of the art system also ensures that any contaminated bin is captured, either at the kerb or just prior to being tipped into the hopper, avoiding contamination of the load.

Just ONE contaminated Recycling Bin (say, with oil or general waste) can spoil an entire truckload of recycling – That’s 350 bins worth of recycling (or 4 tonnes) – being dumped in landfill.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions relating to bin requirements, please get in touch with Goondiwindi Regional Council on 07 4671 7400 or call the friendly staff here at E&E Waste on 07 4671 2403.


You can find all you need to know about Recycling Bin requirements here…

Or refer to the info pack that came with your Yellow-top Recycling Bin or simply visit to learn more about recycling.


  • What do I do if I get a Non Compliance Sticker?

    The sticker is there to let you know if you’ve overlooked something. So, check the sticker and rectify the item that has been ticked and give us a call.

  • I got a "Non-Compliance" sticker on my bin, what does it mean?

    If you have a Non Compliance Sticker on you bin, it means that you may have an issue with your bin or what was put in it. For details go to: Non Compliance Notices

  • What to do if my bin is lost, stolen or broken?

    You can report a lost, stolen or broken bin to Goondiwindi Regional Council.

    Talk to a Customer Service Representative on 07 4671 7400.

  • Will my bin be collected on public holidays?

    Currently E&E Waste collects on all public holidays as per the normal collection days.  Any future changes to this arrangement will be advertised. If you are still unsure when your bin will be collected please call us on 07 4671 2403.

  • Does everyone in the region have kerbside recycling collection?

    Every resident that currently has the general waste kerbside collection service will also automatically receive the kerbside recycling service.

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