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Industrial Waste Is Our Forte

E&E Waste are the local leaders in industrial and commercial bins in Toowoomba in terms of service and reliability. We are currently servicing Goondiwindi and the Waggamba, Wambo and Gwydir Shires with a large fleet of trucks and equipment that is well maintained.

There is really no job too big or too small and we can supply bins according to your needs.

Our newest industrial bins are designed for most types of industrial waste in volumes too large for skip bins and they have self-closing lids. We can service the bin according to your needs with our latest state-of-the-art hook-lift truck, seen above.

We offer a major clean-up service when your waste management gets out of control or you’ve had a load spill.

With our 250 horsepower, 3-tonne capacity SDLG articulated Front-end Loader there is not much we cannot handle.

This powerful machine has various buckets and attachments and can handle anything from shipping containers and cotton bails to loose items and solid waste.

Call Toowoomba: 07 4633 0088 or Goondiwindi: 07 4671 2403 one of our friendly staff to discuss your specific needs.

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About Our Industrial Bins

Designed for all types of commercial and domestic waste such as building sites, household clean ups, green waste, farm waste… and much more. These enormous bins have been manufactured to exacting standards and can withstand quite a beating, with these capacities:

16 Cubic Metres  /  20 Cubic Metres
  / 30 Cubic Metres

Industrial bins are galvanised to prevent rust. Our newest and largest bins have hydraulic lids for greater control of the waste.

We do not recommend our large industrial bins for small domestic cleanups.

Industrial Bin Details

Standard Industrial Bin 16 Cubic Metres
Medium Industrial Bin 20 Cubic Metres
Large Industrial Bin 30 Cubic Metres
Large Industrial Bins Hydraulic Lids
Wheels Heavy duty steel
Metal Treatment Galvanised
Logistics Hook Lift Only


E&E have been collecting industrial since 2002 and provide excellent and dependable service, using the latest equipment and technology.

We have serviced countless satisfied customers in that time. Here are some reasons our customers keep coming back:

  • Economic and Efficient Service
  • State of the art equipment
  • Highest standards of safety
  • Qualified, friendly staff
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


  • How often can you collect industrial waste?

    We can collect industrial waste as often as every day, once per month or as a one-0ff, depending you your needs. It really depends on the quantity and nature of the waste. Give one of our friendly staff a call to discuss your needs.

  • What is the maximum capacity you can handle?

    We have a large number of reinforced steel bins up to 30 cubic metres in size, and we can empty them at regular intervals to suit your needs – swapping a full bin or bins for an empty one. So as you may imagine, we can deal with quite a significant amount of waste. Give one of our friendly staff a call to discuss your needs.

  • Why does industrial waste management matter?

    It is vital that all industrial waste is properly managed or it can all end up in landfill. We live in a world that has sustainability as a focus and we are looking to reuse and recycle as much waste as possible.

    This is not only important from an environmental or climate change point of view, it is also essential for all businesses to improve their operations and to grow a larger customer base.

    Consumers are actively looking for brands that are transparent about their waste management and want to know they are recycling as much as possible.

    This can be challenging for industrial companies that do not have the workforce, time, or facilities to recycle every single item of waste.

    That is where professional waste management comes into play. E&E Waste provides simple recycling solutions so that you know your waste is being reused and not adding to Australia’s landfill problem.

    E&E Waste can assist with recycling options for everything from paper and cardboard to scrap metal and green waste, as well as hazardous materials like waste oils and batteries that need to be removed and disposed of safely.

  • What is the difference between industrial bins and other waste solutions?

    Our industrial bins are heavy duty and designed specifically to be safely used in work environments that can be hot, dusty, and wet and where there is lots of heavy waste being thrown into them.

    All of our industrial bins are galvanised to prevent any rust or corrosion while featuring plastic lids for easy operation.

    They have been specifically designed to fit our vehicles for easy delivery and collection and we can include options with wheels so they can be easily moved around your job site.

    For heavy bins, we can supply industrial bins that have pockets so they can be lifted by forklift as well.

    If you have onsite colour management for waste services, we can provide colour-coded solutions as well.

    All of our bins are designed specifically for industrial waste management and will provide you with robust and reliable services, no matter the worksite.

  • Where do you supply industrial bins?

    Any business that produces industrial-scale waste can use our bins.

    Our clients include businesses in manufacturing, warehousing, automotive industries, infrastructure and engineering, construction and building, mining and the resources sector, health and medical facilities, educational facilities (including primary and secondary schools as well as universities), retail outlets, hospitality operations, local government facilities, and commercial properties.

    On top of industrial bins, we also offer a range of other waste management solutions.

    If you need dedicated recycling services, kerbside collection, commercial bin delivery, and collection or any other form of rubbish collection, we have the equipment and the team for safe and reliable waste collection services in the Toowoomba and Goondiwindi regions.

    We also offer container collections for cash, which is ideal for schools and community groups as well as businesses, so you can help the recycling effort and earn extra money for your organisation at the same time.

    To learn more, contact us on (07) 4633 0088 in Toowoomba or (07) 4671 2403 in Goondiwindi.

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