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General Waste & Roadside Bins

When disposing of your general waste, whether in an E&E Waste Frontlift Bin or a Roadside bin, it’s important to know what can or cannot be accepted. There are many reasons why some items cannot be accepted, ranging from high fire risk, to environmental hazards and even weight limits.

Please review the below lists before deciding on disposing of your general waste items. If you still have questions, please send us a query through our Contact Page.

Waste Materials We Accept

If your bin contains items not on this list, then it could mean collection may not occur.

  • General domestic and household waste – Waste that can be bagged-up
  • Items under 50cm in length – Longer items should be cut down
  • Food scraps and waste – Including expired items
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Glass, including pyrex and ovenproof glass
  • Drinking glasses – Must be wrapped
  • Plastic items, such as bags and wrap
  • Textiles, such as clothing and blankets
  • Used Nappies (diapers) – Disposable and cloth
  • Ceramic, china, pottery – No heavy or large pots
  • Styrofoam, polystyrene – Must be broken up
  • Light bulbs, including fluorescent lamps
  • Mirrors, windows, automotive glass and safety glass
  • Garden waste and green waste
  • Disposable/single-use items – such as coffee cups
  • Rapid antigen home test kits – Must be in a plastic bag

Waste Materials NOT Accepted

It is important to avoid the following as many of these items can damage or destroy the bins and vehicles transporting the waste. For example, large or heavy pieces can damage the internal paddles in the collection vehicles. Ash may catch fire and chemicals can destroy equipment and be hazardous to employees.

X   Items longer than 50cm – eg. Plastic pipe, fixtures, fittings, plasterboard, building materials
X   Chemicals or empty chemical containers
X   Engine oil or cooking oil – or oil of any kind
X   Construction items – Such as bricks, concrete, masonry, tiles, rocks, etc.
X   Flammable liquids of any kind Tyres of any kind
X   Hot ashes – Dispose in your garden
X   Metals scrap
X   Batteries of any kind – Can start fires
X   Vehicle or motor parts
X   Liquid waste or any kind
X   Paint tins – Either empty or containing paint
X   Asbestos – or items suspected of containing asbestos
X   Gas cylinders – Drop at local service station
X   White goods, such as fridges and washers
X   Electric and electronic waste – eg. Televisions, computers, toasters etc.
X   Treated timber – eg. cabinetry, laminates, fence palings.
X   Dead animals
X   Mattresses
X   Furniture

Options for Disposal of Other Items

Many of our waste facilities offer disposal options for these items. For further information read the Waste facilities article.

Keep in mind there are many charitable organisations that may want your good, usable household items such as crockery, glassware and clothing. Look for these organisations in the White Pages or through a Google search.

To make it easy to decide which bin to use, we’ve created a ‘What goes in each bin’ flyer to print and keep at home.

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