• Vacuum Truck Hire Toowoomba

      Vacuum Truck Hire Toowoomba

      With state of the art, powerful Vacuum Trucks with tanks up to 26,000 Litres, we can service Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Sludge, Waste Water, Emergencies and Industrial applications.

    • Commercial Waste

      Commercial Waste

      We are the local leaders in commercial waste in terms of service and reliability. There is really no job too big or too small and we can supply Front-lift bins up to 4.5 cubic metres.

    • Portaloo Hire Toowoomba

      Portaloo Hire Toowoomba

      Our portable toilets can be hired on a long or short term basis. They’re integrated into a durable trailer in single or multiple units for construction sites, events or private residences.

    • Domestic Waste

      Domestic Waste

      We have held the domestic waste contract for Goondiwindi Regional Council since 2002, covering Talwood, Bungunya, Toobeah, Yelarbon, Inglewood, Texas and of course, Goondiwindi.

    • Industrial Bins Toowoomba

      Industrial Bins Toowoomba

      We’re experts in industrial and commercial waste removal with powerful state-of-the-art hook-lift trucks. Our new bins are designed for most types of industrial waste up to 30 cubic metres.

    • Skip Bins Toowoomba

      Skip Bins Toowoomba

      Looking for skip bin hire Toowoomba? We supply steel bins in various sizes, including galvanised Front-lift Bins up to 4.5 m3, steel Skip Bins up to 8 m3, and Hook-lift Bins up to 30 m

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Vacuum Truck?

If you find yourself needing to get rid of large volumes of liquid waste in Toowoomba, then you might benefit from hiring a vacuum truck.

These trucks can handle a whole host of jobs, including cleaning your septic tank, unblocking your drain, removing flood water, getting rid of concrete slurry, and so much more. With a capacity of up to 26,000 litres, there is no job too big for a vacuum truck.

Vacuum trucks are a remarkably efficient solution to large-scale clean-up needs, saving time, this also makes them far more cost-effective.

The titular high-power vacuum provides a strong suction that absorbs more waste – you would be best off cleaning septic tanks with a vacuum truck for this reason.

How Do You Keep a Portaloo Clean?

We service our portaloos in Toowoomba as frequently as necessary. Depending on use, this could be every single day or just once a week.

Part of this involves pumping out the waste that has built up. We don’t just wait until it is practically overflowing; for your convenience, we can clean our portaloos and their tanks as regularly as you need.

We also clean the interior – the last thing people need or want is to be in a dirty portaloo. We sanitise all typical contact areas to ensure they meet our strict hygiene standards at every turn.

You also do not have to worry about restocking the toilet paper or other amenities – we top them up when we come and clean the interior.

To help us service the toilets, we must state that only toilet paper and the usual waste can go down portaloos without significant blockage concerns.

You must dispose of sanitary products another way, otherwise, we may have to come and fix the resulting blockage.

What Can't Go In a Skip?

No matter the size or shape of your skip, it should be more than suitable for collecting all manner of domestic and commercial waste in Toowoomba.

It is not recommended to use the bins for small clean-ups, these bins best used for larger ones – Our skips range from 1.5 to 30 cubic metres of space, providing the solution you need for your operation. So long as you do not exceed the bin’s rim, you can fill them with most forms of rubbish.

However, we must stress there are certain items you cannot dispose of in a skip for environmental and safety reasons.

First and foremost, you can’t get rid of glass in a skip – we recommend you contact a glass recycling company for this. If you work with asbestos or other hazardous waste, this also cannot be removed using a skip – you need a special permit.

On an environmental level, you should also avoid disposing of batteries, paint, gas bottles, solvents, oil, plasterboard, and many types of electrical equipment in a skip.

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