Got refundable containers? We Pick Up!

We Pick Up – And it costs you nothing

Due to the social restrictions we have introduced a free container pick-up service in Goondiwindi and Toowoomba metro area. To be eligible for pick-ups from your home you will need a Scheme ID from Containers for Change. We do not charge you anything for this service, so you get the full refund on all your containers.

Once you’ve booked a containers pick-up, one of our friendly drivers will pick up your containers within 4 business days of the booking. All bags/bins should be labelled, closed and undamaged. We can supply bags if needed or even wheelie bins and wool packs for larger, regular quantities.

If you have questions or issues, please call: Amanda in Toowoomba 07 46 330 088 or Kelly in Goondiwindi 07 4671 2403.


Obtaining a Scheme ID

If you don’t already have one, apply for a Scheme ID from Containers for Change, here


Printing your QR Labels

Get your Scheme ID labels from Containers for Change website. Either register an account OR Login to your account, THEN Under “My Scheme ID” you will see a label with a Barcode + QRCode. Print out that code and attach one to each bag or bin. Any bags or bins NOT labelled will be processed and allocated to Lifeline Darling Downs.

Request a Wheelie Bin

If you are collecting more than 300 containers per month, consider requesting a Wheelie Bin. We loan regular customers our Sulo Wheelie Bins, depending on availability and genuine need. These bins are to be used for Returnable Containers ONLY. See our Terms and Conditions.

It's easy as…

1. Get a Scheme ID – Go to Containers for Change


2. Click BOOK NOW and fill out the form


3. Label EVERY bag with Name and Scheme ID


4. We will pick them up within 4 business days

Please remember too...

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