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Got eligible containers, but can't get here – We come to you!

Returning your containers for a refund is easy as…

E&E Waste is an Authorised Refund Point Operator working with Containers For Change. We are an integral part of Queensland’s container refund scheme, by providing a place where you can return eligible containers in exchange for a 10 cent refund. We are responsible for collecting, counting and sorting eligible containers, paying your refund amounts and preparing materials for transport to a processor.

So whether you’re keen on recycling, want some extra pocket money for yourself and your kids or are fundraising for a charity, club or school, bring your empty bottles, cans and cartons to E&E Waste and Return’em for Cash. We have convenient locations in Toowoomba and Goondiwindi with high speed Self Serve Terminals that count your containers instantly. You get your cash straight away from our Cash Point.

So Easy to Return'em for CASH

Our Self-serve Terminals are a world-first, developed in South Australia, and will recognise any container, no matter what condition it’s in, even if it’s a little dented. This is achieved through state-of-the-art Visual Recognition Technology that identifies any eligible container using a mathematical algorithm similar to facial-recognition. Many other systems rely on barcodes and brand labels being in pristine condition, but our system doesn’t need them. However be sure your containers display the Refund Mark, otherwise they may not be eligible.

Returning containers just got a whole lot simpler, not to mention quicker. Containers are processed and counted instantaneously, and once finished you will receive a receipt with your ‘count’. Then you can proceed to the Cash Point, scan your receipt (with QR code) and simply receive your cash, just like any ATM.

We encourage you to register for a scheme ID at Containers For Change, but it’s not essential to have one when using the Cash Point. With TEN terminals in Toowoomba and THREE terminals in Goondiwindi, waiting time is at a minimum. So, come in and give them a try!

Self Serve Terminals – 3 Easy Steps

Returning your Bottles, Cans & Cartons just got a whole lot simpler:

1 Place your containers on high speed conveyors

2 When you’re done, grab your QR ticket

3 Scan your ticket at our Cash Point

  • Get Your Tops Off!
  • Empty all contents
  • Needn’t be in perfect condition
  • Containers should display the Refund Mark
EE Auto Machines

What's Eligible?

See below some helpful examples of which containers are eligible to be returned under the scheme, or click on the image above to find out the full details. Once you have registered and sorted your containers, come to an E&E Waste depot and drop them off – We make it easy for you to Return’em for CASH!

If you need more in-depth detail than what is shown below, feel free to download our Eligible Refundable Items Poster which is based on the Queensland Government’s full list of eligible containers.

CFC Eligible Containers - E&E waste Qld
Ineligible containers recycling in Toowoomba - E&E waste

Speed Up Your Return Experience

Removing your bottle lids and ensuring containers are empty allows our equipment and staff to sort faster and more accurately, which means you get paid faster.

This also makes it a cleaner, simpler process avoiding the smell and mess that goes along with left over liquids. So, remove lids, sort your containers and we will see you at one of our Return’em Depots.

GetTopOff_Landscape Recycle E & E waste
  • Please remove all lids
  • Empty all contents (rinsing is not necessary)
  • Broken glass is dangerous for you and us, so please don’t bring it
  • Sorting containers – cans, glass, plastic and others – speeds up the process
  • Don’t crush or squash containers, it makes them harder to count
  • Bring only Eligible Containers – See images below
  • Register BEFORE you arrive at the drop-off point

Get Registered

Create your personal scheme ID – it’s the easy way to receive your refund:

1. Have your details ready including your name, email address, mobile number and bank account details

2. Go to and complete the online registration

3. You will receive a verification email where you will be asked to create a password and security questions to safeguard your information

Payment options vary between different types of container refund points; however you will be able to use your scheme ID at all E&E Waste Return’em Depots.

Visit to find out more and create your account
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