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How Does Wastewater Treatment Work?

How Does Wastewater Treatment Work?

We at E&E Waste deal with many types of waste and water treatment. It is not a simple issue. Most people assume that dirty water is simply dumped, but wastewater treatment in Toowoomba is not that simple.

The aim of water treatment is to make water safe to dispose of, or to make it safe to re-use. Here is some valuable information on how wastewater treatment works.


Filtering the Wastewater

There are several ways that water is treated. Larger treatment works will separate the water out in various ways.

There will be larger screens to catch things like twigs, branches, doll heads, and so forth. Then there is a grit chamber that catches smaller objects, and a sedimentation tank that is slightly larger and catches all sorts of things from soil to small pebbles. The effluent material will pass through. 


Separating the Water

Put wastewater into a tank and leave it a for a while, and things will start to separate.

Solid waste will fall to the bottom. Dirtier water and contaminated water will sit above the layer of solid waste, and then comes the dirty-but-almost-see-through water, and then comes things like oil and chemicals.

The good water is skimmed away, whereas the rest is burned or suitably disposed of. 


Activated Biosolids

Separating the solids in wastewater can be tricky, but there is a technique where it is aerated.  The waste bio-solids are passed around over and over again until they are aerated.

The stuff that gets aerated will leave out of the top, whereas the heavier stuff sticks around and is sluiced away.


What About Un-Removable Items?

It is getting tougher to remove some chemicals from the water supply.

Heavy metals are becoming very difficult to shift, and even chemicals from humans are getting harder to remove from the water.

The bleach you put down the drains may be damaging to local water life, using bio-degradable products may assist with not damaging the environment.  

In many cases, leaving the water to sit is the only way to get rid of some of the biochemicals.

Ironically, the dangerous bacteria that would kill most people is what also degrades and removes some of the harshest chemicals from our waste water. Even the heat they produce is enough to speed up the decay of many medications that find their way into the wastewater supply. 


Conclusion – Things Can Get Complicated

The type of service you seek for wastewater treatment in Toowoomba depends upon the type of wastewater you have.

Obviously, the stuff pulled from your septic tank must be treated differently to water pulled from a factory.

No matter what your water treatment needs, contact us here at E&E Waste. We’re here to help whenever you need us.


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  • Avatar for Eli Mcmullen
    Eli Mcmullen
    January 4, 2021, 4:10 pm REPLY

    Thank you for mentioning how you should refrain from pouring bleach down your drains in order to avoid negatively affecting nearby water life. My brother and his wife live in a rural area and would like to find a wastewater treatment service that can help them reuse some of the water that they use on their lawn, but they’re worried that they may be contaminating the water whenever they clean their house on weekends. Hopefully, they can find a professional that can help keep their water supply clean.

  • Avatar for Trevor Hall
    Trevor Hall
    March 2, 2021, 6:39 pm REPLY

    It’s amazing to learn that the waste bio-solids are going to be aerated by being tossed around. My cousin is trying to get in touch with a contractor that can help with wastewater treatment. He wants to learn how this process works so that he can be helpful and keep the wastewater systems running smoothly.

  • Avatar for Chris Pederson
    Chris Pederson
    April 2, 2021, 10:08 pm REPLY

    I knew that wastewater is supposed to be treated so you can dispose of it properly but I didn’t know that it is also done so that it can be reused. I mean, as long as the water is clean I don’t think there is a problem. However, I’d like to hire a professional to do it, just in case.

  • Avatar for Thomas Clarence
    Thomas Clarence
    May 17, 2021, 6:44 pm REPLY

    It was really interesting when you explained that a sedimentation tank is used to catch small pebbles and soil in a wastewater management center. I would imagine that there would need to be some decently-sized pipes in order for pebbles to move through them without causing things like clogs to occur. It would be interesting to learn more about the pipes that are used in water management systems and other applications.

  • Avatar for Victoria Addington
    Victoria Addington
    August 3, 2022, 1:36 pm REPLY

    I liked how this post pointed out that chemicals from people are becoming difficult to remove from the water. My friend wants their wastewater to be treated. I think they should seek assistance from experts in domestic wastewater treatment.


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