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State of the Art Trucks

State of the Art Trucks

That’s right, recycling has begun! E&E Waste started collection on the 2nd July 2018. Before that date residents will receive their Yellow-top Wheelie Bins and Information Pack provided by GRC with all they need to know about recycling.

The new E&E Waste wheelie-bin trucks are installed with an on-board management system that includes cameras and GPS tracking, bringing recycling into the 21st century. Above is Shane and Luke with the team who were responsible for putting it all together.

The system is called “Fleetmax” and simply put, it consists of a touch-screen that connects the driver to the vehicle and its various cameras and sensors. There are forward facing, side lift, hopper and rear-view cameras on the brand-new trucks. Everything from truck route and service area to speed, braking, bin lift counter is monitored by Fleetmax.

With all this connected to base over the local 3G and 4G networks, including GPS tracking, the E&E team and GRC staff have instant access to everything happening on the collection route.

[image of touchscreen in cabin]

State of the Art

Each truck is fitted with cameras for a wide angled view of the hopper (where contents of the bin are tipped), kerbside and rear of the truck. The driver can select any camera view on the touch-screen, in either photographic or video format.

When the driver arrives at a residence that has no bin out, or the bin is overfilled, at the press of a button, an “incident” is recorded simultaneously by all relevant cameras. The “Incident Report” containing these images is instantaneously uploaded and linked to that address, removing any misunderstandings or mistakes (like a bin being mistaken for a neighbour’s bin).

This state of the art system also ensures that any contaminated bin is captured, either at the kerb or just prior to being tipped into the hopper, avoiding contamination of the load. Just one contaminated bin, with oil or general waste, can spoil an entire truckload of recycling – That’s 350 bins worth of recycling (or 4 tonnes) – being dumped in landfill.

[image of overfilled bin / hopper view etc]

Real-time Monitoring

A real-time customer service interface, a kind of Wheelie-bin Facebook, allows the E&E Team and Council staff to rapidly handle resident enquiries. With a location-based search, staff will be able to provide ‘on-the-ground’ information regarding resident’s waste collection service. For example, staff will be able to explain the reason why a bin was not collected, whether it was due to being overfull, contaminated, too heavy or not presented by 6 am on the day.

This means ratepayers can rest assured their recycling is collected in the most cost-efficient, timely and effective manner, while avoiding all of the pitfalls that many other councils have encountered in the past.

[image of Fleetmax report]

Getting ‘Noticed’

We are well aware that recycling in new to most GRC residents, so the council is not expecting everyone to get it right straight away. Along with the info packs that will come with your Yellow-top Wheelie Bin, E&E Waste have conceived a Notification System consisting of 2 components:

  1. Bin-lid Non-compliance Stickers which let residents know why their bin wasn’t emptied and
  2. Non-compliance Notices which are sent in the post, where a resident continues to overlook the recycling requirements.

So, residents needn’t worry if they get a sticker, it’s there to let them know where they might have overlooked something and how to fix it.

[image of stickers]

A Day in the Life

All of our systems have been thoroughly tested and run through their paces. A typical recycling day starts when the E&E truck leaves the depot at 6 am.

The driver will proceed along his designated route, laid out by the Fleetmax system, ensuring no bins are missed. The truck can fit around 350 Wheelie-bins worth of recycling before returning to base.

Once at the E&E depot, the load is emptied into a large bunker so that any potential contamination not caught by the on-board cameras, can be removed. Then all of the recyclable waste is loaded into hook-lift bins ready for transportation to a Material Handling Facility in Narrabri, NSW.

[image of hooklift truck]

Why Narrabri? Well, that’s where Challenge Community Services Recycling Facility is. They have been operating since 1992 and employ 33 people with a disability, and four vocational educators. They believe people with a disability are entitled to fair pay for a fair day’s work.

Challenge process over 10,000 tonnes of recyclable materials like Paper, Cardboard, Containers, Glass, Plastics and Steel. Once sorted and compacted into cubes, the materials are sent to specialised recycling companies like Amcor, Visy and Impact Recycling for conversion into new products… All within a few days of your Wheelie Bin pick up.

Challenge Community Services

[Challenge images/logo]

Get in touch

If you have any questions relating to recycling, please get in touch with us here at GRC or call our friendly staff on 07 4671 2403





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