Goondiwindi Regional Council Collections

E&E Waste are the official Wheelie Bin Collection Contractors for the Goondiwindi Regional Council area and have been carrying out all domestic and commercial wastecollection services for the Goondiwindi Regional Council since January 2011.

Goondiwindi Collections

Please see the maps below and note the colour coded collection areas and where your residence is located. If you are still unsure when your bin will be collected please call us on the number provided below.

Regional Collections

Collection days for the towns in the regional area are illustrated below. Please peruse the maps and note your collection day, as indicated by the colour coding.

Collection Days

Your collection day is marked on the maps here, (click images to download PDFs)  they are as follow:

• Monday (Yellow Area) – Talwood, Bungunya, Toobeah & Yelarbon

• Tuesday (Purple Area) – Goondiwindi South East

• Wednesday (Red Area) – Inglewood and Texas

• Thursday (Blue Area) – Goondiwindi North

• Friday (Green Area) – Goondiwindi West & Environs

Timely & Efficient

To ensure your bin is collected in a timely and efficient manner, please take special note of our collection procedures.

Don’t hesitate to call our service line if you have any questions. Call 1300 712 403 between the hours of
8:00 am & 4:30 pm Mon – Fri.

Putting Bins out

Bins should be put out on the evening prior to pick-up (or before 6.00 am on collection days). Place at the footpath, within one metre of the kerb edge, with the wheels and handles facing your house.

If there is no kerb, place in a safe position one metre from the edge of the bitumen or gravel.  If your bin is placed incorrectly collection is not guaranteed. To find out more about bin collection in your area contact us on the number above.

Maximum weight of Bin

Bins are 240 litre standard “wheelie” Bins. When filling them, please ensure your bin is lighter than 70 kg. Overweight items can damage bins and the truck’s mechanical lifting arm. Spillage of waste is also likely to occur.

Bin Etiquette

Here are a few helpful tips that will go a long way towards ensuring timely and efficient service:

• Multiple bins – place at least half a metre apart

• Place within half a metre of kerb with handle facing your dwelling

• Avoid placing bin under trees or overhanging branches and obstacles

• Do not place hot items in bin – such as stove ash or cooking oil

• Please bag loose items – such as grass, dust, powder, etc

• Make sure lid is completely closed

• Broken glass – please wrap securely in newspaper

• No vehicle batteries please – contents are corrosive

AVOID placing following items in your bin:
Building materials – such as bricks, rocks, soil or concrete
Liquids – paints, motor oil or solvents
Hazardous waste – toxic or corrosive substances
Medical waste – such as loose syringes and sharpes
Vehicle parts or engine parts
Large metal objects

• Once emptied, please retreive your bin, thank you.