Powerful Vacuum Tank

Septic Tank • Grease Trap • Sludge • Waste Water • Emergencies • EPA Licensed

E&E-Waste-Vacuum-Truck-1E&E-Waste-Vacuum-Truck-2E&E Waste have recently invested in a 12,000 Litre Tank with a powerful Jurop Vacuum Pump.

This large capacity tank is hook-lift mounted, which means we can operate it with the most fl exibility – for example it can be left onsite for a period, then picked up when job is finished.

There are a large range of liquid waste jobs the Pump & Vacuum Tank can handle, including:

• DOMESTIC – septic tanks; grease traps; polluted water; untreated swimming pools

• COMMERCIAL – septic tanks; drain cleaning/unblocking; flooding mishaps; contaminated water/effluent

• HOSPITALITY – portable toilets; toilet blocks; grease traps

• CONSTRUCTION – settling ponds; sediment tanks; excavation/drillers mud; temporary toilet blocks; concrete slurry; footings; trenches; piling operations

• AGRICULTURE – effl uent ponds; settling ponds; emptying silos; emptying dams and channels

• INDUSTRIAL – contaminants; concrete slurry; containment traps; refuelling depots; settling ponds; drillers mud

• MUNICIPAL – fl ooding relief; drain/culvert/water course repair/maintenance; wash bays; silt traps


• 12,000L capacity
• Manufactured in Australia in accordance with AS1554.1GP
• 8mm barrel and 8mm tori-spherical ends manufactured to AS1163
• 520CFM Jurop vacuum pump (with vacuum and pressure option
• 3 Cylinder Kubota diesel engine (water cooled)
• 100mm Primary Shut-off
• 100mm Secondary Shut-off