Franna Crane

E&E Franna CraneFranna Pick & Carry Crane

E&E Waste are proud to announce our latest acquisition…

This powerful articulated pick and carry crane has a lifting capacity of 25 tonne and an 18m hook height. With it’s powerful 205kW turbo charged engine, it can handle a huge array of lifting jobs and in some of the most difficult to access situations.

This remarkable crane can carry cotton tillage equipment, irrigation pumps, shipping containers, tractors and other heavy duty farm implements and do it with a minimum of fuss.

Available Within 24 hrs

Franna Safe LoadsIf you’re not sure and have something unusual that needs moving, we’ll do our best to accommodate it. The Franna Crane can be there within 24 hours or sooner in some cases, so give us a call to discuss your specific needs on 1300 712 403.

See basic specifications below, and click on the image to the right to download full PDFs, if you need more detailed specifications.

• 1.8 tonne at 15.71 m radius
• 18 m maximum hook height
• Hook block (6 parts) capacity 25 tonne
• 25 Tonne Lifting Capacity
Franna Crane Full Specifications• Single line 4.2 tonne
• Four section boom – Main, and three powered sections
• 80 degree articulation for exceptional manoeuvrability
• 205kW Engine – Mercedes turbo charged, inter-cooled diesel
• Engine torque 1100Nm