Container Sales

E&E Waste supply a multitude of new and used shipping containers. These containers have a variety of uses and are an excellent short or long term storage solution for both domestic and commercial purposes, a quick extension to your shed or secure worksite lock-up.

All containers are made of corten steel which is high tensile anti-corrosive, that is not only strong, secure and durable, but is capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Almost all imported products, food and cargo arrive in Australia in these very containers, having survived the rigors of the open ocean for weeks or months.

Most containers come with double opening doors at one end with locking bars and catches that can be secured easily with a padlock – Lock boxes are available for extra security. The steel units have marine ply floors tested for a safe storage load of 24- 30 tonne as well as vents for air circulation.

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Shipping Container Grades

The price of a shipping container varies depending on age and condition. These are normally classed as follows:

New One way Export Unit Manufactured Current or Previous Year
A-Grade Export or Food Quality Units
B-Grade General Purpose Units Suitable for Household Goods
C-Grade Suitable for Machinery, Tools etc

New Shipping Containers

A container is considered new if it has been manufactured within the last 12 months and has only done a one way trip to Australia. New Containers come in the following sizes:

New Container Types Common Term
20’ 8’6” New Unit 20’ NEW
40’ 8’6” New Unit 40’ NEW

Prices for new units vary dramatically, mainly due to fluctuations in the price of steel.

Used Shipping Containers

The most commonly available used containers are as follows:

Used Container Types Common Term
20’ 8’6” General Purpose Unit 20’ GP
20’ 9’6” General Purpose Unit 20’ HI CUBE
40’ 8’6” General Purpose Unit 40’ GP
40’ 9’6” General Purpose Unit 40’ HI CUBE
20’ 8’6” Refrigerated Unit 20’ REEFER
20’ 9’6” Refrigerated Unit 20’ HI CUBE REEFER
40’ 8’6” Refrigerated Unit 40’ REEFER
40’ 9’6” Refrigerated Unit 40’ HI CUBE REEFER
20’ 8’6” Insulated Unit 20’ NOR
20’ 9’6” Insulated Refrigerated Unit 20’ HI CUBE NOR
40’ 8’6” Insulated Unit 40’ NOR
40’ 9’6” Insulated Unit 40’ HI CUBE NOR
20’ Flat rack/Base 20’ FLATRACKS
40’ Flat rack/Base 40’ FLATRACKS

If something you need is not listed please don’t hesitate t o contact us, as we may have it in stock or can source it.

All containers are weather proof and rodent proof.